Saturday, March 30, 2013

We're Back!

The first week of spring Mountain School finally has already come and gone. Our first school was Islandview Elementary from Anacortes. This was their first trip to Mountain School so the excitement among teachers and students was apparent and infectious. A perfect way to get us back in the game.

Students building mountains on the beach to illustrate orographic lifting and glacial movement

 (above two photos) Journaling along the Deer Creek Trail

A student showing me a close-up of the drawing in his journal

Students exploring the aquatic environment

A group photo of the Islandview students before they headed down to the parking lot on their last morning

Leading photo: Mountain School instructors (L-R) Stamati Anagnostou, Andrea Reiter, Cait McHugh, Kim Hall, and Sahara Suval getting ready for the first day of school. All photos by the author

Ryan Weisberg is a graduate student in North Cascades Institute and Western Washington University's M.Ed. program. Ryan grew up here in Washington, exploring the natural areas around Bellingham and in the Cascades. Ryan is the Chattermarks editor this year during their residency at the North Cascades Environmental Learning Center. Check out Ryan's other writing at:

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