Sunday, April 28, 2013

Having fun outside

The sun has returned, at least for this week, and Mountain School students and instructors are taking full advantage of it! With temperatures in the mid- to high-60s, there are lots of opportunities to learn and play in the great outdoors without needing to huddle inside a shelter or under layers of rain gear. Who knows how long this incredible weather will last, so let's eat it up while it's here!

Nocturnal Mountain School instructors lounging in the late afternoon sun, waiting for the Diurnal instructors to bring the students back from the trails

Cohort 12 graduate student, Sahara playing a game with her trail group at the end of the trail day

Leading photo: Colonial Peak, still snow-covered. All photos by the author

Ryan Weisberg is a graduate student in North Cascades Institute and Western Washington University's M.Ed. program. Ryan grew up here in Washington, exploring the natural areas around Bellingham and in the Cascades. Ryan is the Chattermarks editor this year during their residency at the North Cascades Environmental Learning Center. Check out Ryan's other writing at:

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